May Updates — what happened to the Rust server?

Aye Matey’s!

Indeed it be true that sadly our RUST server shutdown on May 7 due to lack of use. Seems we’ve all moved on to other games. However, If you are still playing RUST on another server post up the server name in the forums so we can find you and group up. Also if there is a new game server you think we should look into having post that up and I’ll look into it.

For those of you that play or played League of Legends there was a very large game update this week that focused on mages and SR game play changes including the new dragons and jungle camps. There’s also rotating game modes on the weekends now.

For Battlefield fans some news that posted today: various leaks have already spilled the beans on what to expect from this year’s big shooter from EA and DICE. It’s not Battlefield 5 at all, but rather Battlefield 1. The game purportedly takes place during World War I in an alternate universe. That’s pretty neat, if true. So is a WWI setting which I’d like. The game reportedly launches on October 18th.

I’m also still watching development on the Day of Defeat like game called Battalion 1944. It’s due for release May 2017! Check out

Have a good rest of the month!

April Rust Server News!

Posted below is our RUST map on the server. Our Rust server is set to shut down on May 7th due to lack of use/support for it. For a larger version of the current map click on the RUST map link in the top menu bar.

Thank you for supporting our servers and for your donations to help pay our server monthly rental fees. We had Rust up for over 18 months and it was fun while it lasted. Appreciate all those that supported it. We may have another game server up soon so stay tuned via our forums.

Donations are always appreciated and can be made from our forum home page donation box. Sign up to get access to our forums from the forum link in the menu bar. If you’d like to voice chat with other players, you can find our ventrilo voice server info in the forums. New members are always welcome!

RUST game updates including a changelog from the devs here.
PartyPiratesGaming Rust Map

RUST Hapis Island Removed – former map restored

Hi Mates, the Hapis Island test was fail as the map memory issues became a huge problem for the server causing multiple crashes. I’ve restored our former map with your builds for now. Please see my forum posts for more info. For a larger version of the map click on the RUST map link in the top menu bar. We are accepting donations to support our Rust server rental so please help out if you can. Donations can be made from our forum home page so please sign up to get access to our forums. New members are always welcome! Find RUST game updates from the devs here. PartyPiratesGaming Rust Map

Happy New Year — 2015 starts our 8th year together

Eight years ago the Party Pirates started gaming together and in 2015 we remain committed to keep on gaming together. PC games have changed so much from our early days together as a DODS and TF2 clan. From the online free games we play to the more complex Battlefield releases as well as the simple survival games like RUST or sandbox games like Minecraft, gaming is still an important part of the community we started back in 2007. We look forward to all the new games that 2015 will bring. See you online soon and thank you for your continued support!

New Rust Experimental Mode Server Now Online

Hi all, RUST has finally released the new experimental mode that Gary and his team at Facepunch Studios have been working on for the past six months. This new version of RUST is a complete rewrite of the alpha version that came out in February of this year. Our server has 40 slots and you can find more information on the server in our forum in the RUST board as well as on the forum home page. Gary and his team are planning plenty more updates so worlds will probably get wiped often. Have fun Rusting away!

Join Us on our Battlefield 4 Public Game Server!

On October 29th the Party Pirates will be back on the Battlefield with the launch of Battlefield 4! Our new BF4 NFO server will be based in Seattle with at least 32 slots and as always it will offer great pings and performance. Right now many of us are playing the BF4 beta and while the beta does have some bugs and visual funnies the game, maps and improvements to BF4 look and feel amazing. And what’s even more improved is Battlelog for BF4 and the return of Commander mode to the game. The video below shows some of the game play for BF4 and some of the new maps and features. Come join us on our BF4 server and lets have some fun!

Buy Your Favorite Games – Save $$ too!


Hey Mates! We now have our very own GameFanShop site. Ordering your favorite games at our special site supports our clan with a small percent of funding that we get from the sales.  And, you can save money too because we are currently offering a 5% discount on all orders placed from our friends and clan members with a special coupon code – PiratesMate.  There’s a link to our GameFanShop site right here on our website in the menu bar above.

We also have a GameFanShop banner at the top of our forum home page. Just click on the banner to get to our personalized shop site if you are in the forums. Don’t forget to use the discount code to get 5% off — limited time offer!. So,If you’re planning to buy some great games please shop on our site and support the Party Pirates. Proceeds help pay for our server rentals!

Your friends can shop on our site too — just have them use the link here on our website so they can use the special discount code.

We appreciate your support!

Happy Holidays from the West Coast Party Pirates

With the New Year almost upon us here are some quick updates and information from your friends at Party Pirates Gaming.

Cor’s Traditional New Year’s Eve Raffle — our Aussie admin member COR will once again be holding a New Year’s Eve raffle this year, post your name in his forum thread and he will put your name in a hat (or more likely a coffee mug) and on New Year’s Eve he will draw a name for a lucky winner who will get a handful of games.  Log on to the forums ASAP and post up to get your name in the drawing. Enter the Raffle

Minecraft Important Poll Vote – MC builders we need your votes in the forums on an important mod we are considering for the server. The mod is called Tekkit which allows builders to use technology and magic to build and destroy as you see fit, with your friends and against your enemies.This is a significant change to our server in some ways and would increase our rental cost for additional RAM needed and give us 20 player slots too.  Please post up in the thread on this topic and give us your thoughts today as we want to make this change before New Year’s Day!  Vote your choice

Battlefield 3 players — well, the time has come to shut down our BF3 server.  While the new expansion packs and new maps have been fun, needing 4 players to start a game and the fact that most of us play to many other games has kept this server empty and little used. Our BF3 server will shut down on January 9th.  There are still plenty of BF3 servers out there to play on so those of us that play will get together on other servers.  I’ll be posting some news on the release of Battlefield 4 in our forums so check that out when you have time.

Voice/Ventrilo server — most of us are always on or in our Ventrilo voice server where we have many channels for most of the major games we play. Info on our Ventrilo server can also be found in our forums.

League of Legends — many of us play League of Legends on a daily basis so if you play LoL come join us. We have an LOL forum board you can post up your LoL gamer name in so we can add you to our friends lists.

There are a lot more games and gaming info in our forums. Many of us are now playing Borderlands2, Guild Wars 2, World of Tanks and Plantside 2.  Our forum board General Gaming has discussion topics on those games and more.

As we enter our 6th year together as a gaming clan a lot has changed since we started as a Day of Defeat Source clan back in 2007. PC Gaming has moved far beyond those early games we played and it’s good to see we are still together 6 years later.  My thanks and appreciation to the admin team who help support all our resources with their dues and to our loyal members who send donations to support our rental servers.  Donations are always welcome and appreciated and can be made right from the forum home.

Have a safe and relaxing New Year and cheers to more fun PC gaming together in 2013!

West Coast Party Pirates & Party Pirates Gaming

End of Summer Update – BF3, Minecraft and more

Arrgh Mateys!

Here’s hoping ye Roger is Jolly as we get to the end of Summer!  A few updates:

  • Calling on all Battlefield 3 Premium Players to join us on the Battlefield at midnight on 9/11 for the release of the much anticipated Armored Kill expansion with 4 new maps including what’s to be the largest Battlefield map ever!  You’ll find our server which is called Party Pirates Gaming in the BF3 browser. If you have not already done so join our BF3 platoon: Party Pirates Gaming in Battlelog. More info here
  • Minecraft Builders – there’s been a flurry of new building going on in our server as some new MC builders have signed on. One of the newest builds is a huge Pirate Ship being built in the ocean near the new area of floating sky islands. If you’ve not been in our MC server in a while you’ll want to check it out. We also are adding new worlds to our MC server so you can jump between them. We are always looking for new builders. If interested you can sign up in our forums to become a builder here\
  • Check out our forum where we have a lot of posts and information about everything going on with the West Coast Party Pirates and PC gaming in general.
  • Our League of Legends team is still going strong. We actually have formed a West Coast Party Pirates team and trying to get in some team ranked games together. One day would love to see our team compete in some LoL tournaments!
  • At the end of August we started our 6th year together as a clan of PC gamers which for me seems amazing that we have been around now since 2007.  Thank you to those of you who sent along a bday donation to support our rentals. Much appreciated!

Many thanks to the admin team and supporters who donate so we can pay for the services we share.  It’s been a great summer mates. Here comes fall and winter gaming season which is always busy as we get stuck indoors!

See you online and in game soon!