Buy Your Favorite Games – Save $$ too!


Hey Mates! We now have our very own GameFanShop site. Ordering your favorite games at our special site supports our clan with a small percent of funding that we get from the sales.  And, you can save money too because we are currently offering a 5% discount on all orders placed from our friends and clan members with a special coupon code – PiratesMate.  There’s a link to our GameFanShop site right here on our website in the menu bar above.

We also have a GameFanShop banner at the top of our forum home page. Just click on the banner to get to our personalized shop site if you are in the forums. Don’t forget to use the discount code to get 5% off — limited time offer!. So,If you’re planning to buy some great games please shop on our site and support the Party Pirates. Proceeds help pay for our server rentals!

Your friends can shop on our site too — just have them use the link here on our website so they can use the special discount code.

We appreciate your support!