Battlefield 1 – Pretty Dam Good

Battlefield 1’s campaign is a nice change of pace mates. Each story juggles charm and tragedy which helps humanize the war and the people that fought it. You’ll find a really strong sampling of some of Battlefield’s most defining elements — like objective capturing and vehicular warfare that make it a worthy primer for multiplayer. I found myself touched and sometimes even emotional playing a few of the campaigns – thinking about what it must have been like for those in this tragic war. No BF game has evoked such emotion like this.

Battlefield 1’s vignette-style approach to single-player allows it to touch on under-explored theatres of war that made up the nightmarish global campaign of World War I. Its short prologue and five War Stories each lasting about 30 minutes to an hour will take you on a harrowing journey from the bleak muddy fields of the Western front to the sun-baked deserts of North Africa. The campaigns don’t go deep into the political complexities of The Great War, however the interesting storytelling prevents it from feeling superficial. These war stories tell more of the human side of World War I and they do so with a refined grace that helps you understand the struggles of the time.

The best part of BF1 is the Multiplayer and I suggest playing it with friends in a squad as teamwork is what makes multiplayer a great experience. Here’s a video of some fun stuff you’ll find in BF1. See you on the Battlefield!