May Updates — what happened to the Rust server?

Aye Matey’s!

Indeed it be true that sadly our RUST server shutdown on May 7 due to lack of use. Seems we’ve all moved on to other games. However, If you are still playing RUST on another server post up the server name in the forums so we can find you and group up. Also if there is a new game server you think we should look into having post that up and I’ll look into it.

For those of you that play or played League of Legends there was a very large game update this week that focused on mages and SR game play changes including the new dragons and jungle camps. There’s also rotating game modes on the weekends now.

For Battlefield fans some news that posted today: various leaks have already spilled the beans on what to expect from this year’s big shooter from EA and DICE. It’s not Battlefield 5 at all, but rather Battlefield 1. The game purportedly takes place during World War I in an alternate universe. That’s pretty neat, if true. So is a WWI setting which I’d like. The game reportedly launches on October 18th.

I’m also still watching development on the Day of Defeat like game called Battalion 1944. It’s due for release May 2017! Check out

Have a good rest of the month!