April Rust Server News!

Posted below is our RUST map on the server. Our Rust server is set to shut down on May 7th due to lack of use/support for it. For a larger version of the current map click on the RUST map link in the top menu bar.

Thank you for supporting our servers and for your donations to help pay our server monthly rental fees. We had Rust up for over 18 months and it was fun while it lasted. Appreciate all those that supported it. We may have another game server up soon so stay tuned via our forums.

Donations are always appreciated and can be made from our forum home page donation box. Sign up to get access to our forums from the forum link in the menu bar. If you’d like to voice chat with other players, you can find our ventrilo voice server info in the forums. New members are always welcome!

RUST game updates including a changelog from the devs here.
PartyPiratesGaming Rust Map

2 thoughts on “April Rust Server News!

  1. I love your server! Not too populated and the only server my friends play on. This map is a bit islandy but dealing with it. Keep it up 🙂 will donate soon

    • thanks Nathan. Currently our server is set to shut down in early May, unless we get more support for it via donations.

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