|wcpp| sailing into the sunset — farewell Matey’s

This is a very important message to all |wcpp| friends and supporters. As you know in August the |wcpp| turns 10 years old and it’s been 10 good years mates. Alas though, tis time for the |wcpp| ship and crew to sail off into the sunset at the end of this year. We’ve all grown older together and so many of our crew have moved on to other games and life stuff. Our forums are a ghost ship and with no game servers that we call our own or games that we play as a clan anymore it seems a good time to say farewell and board up the ship. Clans aren’t what they used to be like they were back in 2007 when we started the Party Pirates and we’ve had a good long run together. I blame the greedy game producers who took control of every aspect of games and servers we used to run and manage which pretty much killed our gaming communities.

My sincere thanks for your support and dedication in helping to keep us around for ten years!

We will keep our ventrilo voice service online so we will still have a place to meetup and chat. The forums and website services will shutdown in September.

Your friendship and loyalty has made this journey fun and filled with lots of great memories. We have a facebook group page – West Coast Party Pirates – where we can keep in touch and if you’d like to join the facebook group drop me a note with your facebook name so I can add you. Our forums will be online for another few months so drop a post to say farewell if you’d like to.

Cheers me hearties!
Captain & Founder